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Let our team of seasoned sales and lead development experts accelerate your pipeline, improve your close rate and increase profitability, all at a fraction of the cost.

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  • Increase revenue by 2x of more like many of our clients
  • Lower overhead while increasing close rates
  • Scale quickly without HR, recruitment or management
  • Increase productivity by keeping in-house teams focused
  • Advanced omni-channel engagements

Increasing revenue through more effective sales process

Why your sales teams may not be delivering the results you’re expecting

Not enough leads

Every business wants more leads, but hungry sales teams know inbound lead gen isn’t enough.  Grow focused organizations complement inbound marketing with a robust outbound prospecting process. Instead of waiting potential customers to find you, let us locate your targets and deliver them to you, pre-qualified prospects and ready to buy

Too much time spent qualifying prospects

Sales teams should be selling, not prospecting. Let’s face it, not only is prospecting and qualifying incredibility time-consuming, in-house teams despise it. The simple act of offshoring the top half of your sales funnel to our sales experts can result in a dramatic improvement to your companies bottom line.

Lack of proper follow-up

It’s no secret sales cycles are getting longer. And with commissions driving compensation, most sales teams congregate towards prospects they know they can close quickly.  Let’s be honest, most sales teams don’t want to deal with gatekeepers,  indecisive prospects or follow-up requests. Outsourcing the top half of your sales funnel not only reduces overhead, it has the added bonus of increasing morale and improving focus within your organization.

Growth focused sales teams

Research has shown that it typically takes between 8-12 follow-up contacts to close a sale. Now days, decision makers have multiple contact points and the vast majority of a sales reps time is focused on the less desirable aspects of the sales process. The solution? Hybrid teams. Let us take on the top half of your sales funnel and deliver your sales reps pre-qualified leads, ready to close.

Lead mining and prospecting

All businesses require a steady and consistent stream of business leads to be successful. Backed by cutting-edge technology and proven prospecting processes, we give you the power to scale your sales team and effectively boost your sales numbers through effective lead mining and prospecting.

Lead qualification

While prospecting can bring you the leads, many companies fail to focus on the fostering and nurturing aspect. Let us reach out to your prospects, locate the decision makers, qualify them and bring your sales teams warm prospect who are interested in the products and services your company offers.

After sale follow-up

Bad reviews can very quickly lead to diminishing revenue numbers. The best way to eliminate customer dissatisfaction and promote positive online reviews is by following up after the sale. Our teams are trained on creating positive interactions and promoting positive word-of-mouth advertising.

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