Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Just send us a quick message on the Contact Us page. A sentence or two introducing your company is all we need to get the ball rolling.

Both. We provide services that any business can benefit from, no matter the size.

Yes, we work companies before they’ve launched to ensure they start off on the right foot. We even help with MVP (minimum viable product) designs to help secure funding.

We prefer the familiarity of ongoing engagements, but can also work on a per project basis. For more information about our services, click here.

No. While we certainly specialize in eCommerce services, our approach crosses over well into other business models. Our focus is to replace or complement existing cross-functional teams.

Absolutely. In fact, we recommend it. We provide the capabilities and infrastructure, but you guide us in how you’d like to proceed. Of course, if you prefer minimal involvement, we’re equally able to work independently based on our expertise.

Of course. All of our workforce as a service solutions are hand-tailored to your individual needs. Some clients work with us in only one sector of their business like customer support or design & development. Some clients prefer to build their own offshore team off of our infrastructure. Our level of involvement is flexible depending on your company’s preferences.

The truth is, outsourcing doesn’t need to affect your existing and domestic operations at all. At least, no more than hiring some new members. How many changes you make on the internal side of your company is up to you, though you’ll find a lot of your current services can be outsourced for better efficiency and lower costs.

If you want to, sure. You can choose to manage your offshore team hands-on if you like, or you can opt to have us manage them for you to spare yourself the time and effort. In addition to managed resources, we offer a seat-leasing programs designed to help you set up your own off-shore team.

Different Time Zones. Working in different time zones is great for business, especially for around the clock customer support. However, is can be problematic for internal communications. Philippine employees are extremely flexible and accustomed to working non-standard hours to accommodate the needs of the companies they work for.

Cultural Differences. Of all the Asian countries, the Philippines has one of the most agreeable cultures to Western standards. In terms of work ethic, communicating with superiors, deadlines, and contractual obligations, there’s not much (logistical) difference than working with a domestic workforce, except a lower cost.

Language Barrier. English is an official language in the Philippines, and almost 93% of the population speak it fluently. Unlike the other countries popular for outsourcing, there’s never a language barrier when communicating with Filipino workers. Not only is fluency the norm, but many also understand the subtleties of language, which makes customer interactions run far more smoothly.

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