What To Look For When Outsourcing Your Sales

Studies show outsourcing sales improves productivity.

According to Deloitte cost optimization is still a critically important criterion for outsourcing, but it is no longer at the top of the list.

Just a couple of years ago companies sole reason for outsourcing was to cut cost. Nowadays companies are looking for something more than simply a big break in their sales budget.

Companies want to have a clear understanding of the firm they are outsourcing their sales efforts to because, in 2019 performance, better service and innovation are deemed more potent.

If you’re looking to hire a sales outsourcing company, here are a number of aspects you should consider before making your final decision:

1. Areas of Expertise

team of experts

Nearly 50% of employers that outsource say the quality of their service providers and a reactive versus proactive attitude is the most frustrating issues to deal with.

It may seem like a no brainer, but industry experience is a potent quality when outsourcing your sales team. You need a team that is proactive, goal oriented, will get you great results and has great knowledge of your product or services. It is therefore important to consider doing more research in order to get real and adequate information on the potential and professionalism of the outsourcing destination.

2. Privacy and Security

privacy and security

Even more so in outsourcing, where firms often relay confidential business information to a third-party staff. The smallest problems with data could mean massive loss and damages.

Hacking has become a common practice nowadays. A couple of years ago even yahoo got hacked which caused a great uproar in the tech world. Problems with data breach and misuse are a great concern for companies and organizations. Even more so in outsourcing, where firms often trust third-party operations with confidential business information. Now more than ever, you should take privacy and security concerns in consideration when looking to hire an external sales firm.

3. Technology Infrastructure


95% of SMEs have adopted cloud technologies for outsourcing purposes.

In this digital era, companies rely heavily on technology. Technology has become one of the pillars that keep businesses running. When shopping for a great external sales team learn about their technological infrastructure in terms of connectivity, availability, quality security, and reliability. Another trend that can improve efficiency is Cloud services. With cloud services, external agencies can strengthen their security and provide innovative products and services to their customers.

4. Business Reputation

business reputation

87% of executives rate managing reputation risk as more important than other strategic risks.

The success of a business hinges on its reputation. In the age of social media, every single thing you do will be placed under a microscope and scrutinized. Therefore, when shopping for a good external firm, do your due diligence and do in-depth research. Check their client reviews, testimonials, referrals and success stories. This is important because offshoring may free capital, but if the outsourced sales team is performing poorly the cost of rebuilding business reputation will be much higher than any initial savings.


Sales outsourcing can be very rewarding only if you select the right outsourcing firm. Partnering with a great firm offers you the opportunity to innovate and generate the highest quality results possible while taking the burden of an in-house sales team off your shoulders.

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