Top Misconceptions About Sales Outsourcing

70% of companies surveyed are going to outsource more in the upcoming years, and 35% of them plan to do so significantly.

Many companies recognize the numerous benefits of outsourcing sales. Because of this, sales outsourcing services have become widely accepted in many industries and aided in the growth and development of numerous huge companies worldwide. Despite this obvious success, companies are still hesitant to hire an outsourcing sales company.

This is because of the myths and misconceptions that plague the image of outsourcing. Many companies still shy away from hiring an outsourced sales company because of these various misunderstandings. However, once debunked, it becomes clear that sales outsourcing services can provide just as many, if not more, benefits than in-house sales teams. So let’s take a look at the benefits of outsourcing sales by dispelling these myths and misconceptions and uncover the truth about how outsourced sales can benefit your business.

Misconception # 1: My employees can do the same job that they are doing


This couldn’t be further from the truth. While in-house sales employees are important, they sometimes are not able to get the job done. This could be for various reasons such as not having enough experience, been on the job too long that they have tunnel vision and various other reasons. Outsourcing doesn’t mean that your in-house team doesn’t have the talent, it simply means that you acquire help from seasoned experts to assist with your day-to-day sales activities. 75 % of companies are positive about planning with outsourced agencies so this can be a collaborative effort by both teams.

Misconception # 2: Outsourcing your sales force destroys company branding

sales force

People often say “Only you can sell your product best.” While that is often true, it might not be the case all the time. In cases where you have a sales force that is preoccupied with other tasks, your sales campaign might crumble and let’s not forget it takes up to 10 or more months to reach full productivity.

Requesting help from an outsourced sales agency can strengthen your existing sales campaign and boost your brand. Remember, 67% of companies that outsource lead-nurturing tactics gain capabilities not available in-house. This means that a great sales outsourcing agency can help you create and refine your brand and branding messaging using CRM and marketing automation.

Misconception # 3: Agreeing on contract terms is a lengthy process that makes me lose sales


Time is money! As a company, you want to minimize interruptions to your sales. Entering the negotiations knowing your sales objectives and your preferred outsourcing model will speed up the process. A contract that is efficient and beneficial to both parties, reduces the need for lengthy talks and promotes a speedy partnership agreement.

Final words

Outsourcing sales to agencies have been happening for years with astounding success. Debunking the above-mentioned misconceptions, offers a perspective on whether outsourcing is right for your business. If so, the next logical step would be to find a referred outsourcing agency to assist you with your sales and marketing proclivities and attract more conversions and sales.

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