Outsourcing in the Philippines: How to Make It Work for You

outsourcing in Philippines

Are you looking for ways to reduce the operating expenses of your business? Then, you should consider business process outsourcing or BPO.

The industry has seen phenomenal growth due to global competition and the discovery of new technologies and innovation. It has grown 4.4% annually since 2012, with up to $140.3 billion in total revenues in 2016.

With an impressive pool of talents, a lower salary rate, a supportive government, and the fact that English is the legal and joint official language, it’s no surprise that the Philippines’ outsourcing industry is booming! In this article, we’ll highlight the reasons why outsourcing in the Philippines is best for your business.

English Proficiency

The main concern of outsourcing to a foreign country is the potential language barrier. Fortunately, English proficiency is where the Philippines standout over other business process outsourcing giants like China and India.

Companies consider the Filipinos’ English fluency and their cultural affinity with the United States and the United Kingdom as an important factor in being listed as a top outsourcing destination.

This results in the English language becoming part of their everyday vocabulary – making it easier for them to understand slang and colloquial phrases. That’s why Filipino workers are perfect for your call centers – they’ll have no issue conversing with your customers!

Positive Attitude

team positive attitude

Filipinos are known to be resilient, seeing opportunities in every predicament they faced. This attitude made them one of the most sought-after workers all over the world. It is the same characteristic that has made them among the best employees.

They are also patient and can handle pressure well — qualities vital in the outsourcing industry. And when you deal with people of diverse cultures, patience will always be a virtue.


Foreign companies outsourcing services to Philippine BPO companies get the most out of their money, achieving the primary target of reducing operating costs. With this kind of investment, companies save a lot without spending on office rentals, equipment, infrastructure, and recruitment — these expenses will be taken care of by the BPO companies.

Assigning different functions and administrative tasks to an offshore firm allows you to pursue cost-efficient operations and maintain impeccable service to customers. The cost of doing business continues to rise, and to keep up with your competitors, outsourcing is a sensible option.

Data Privacy and Security

data privacy and security

Aside from the language barrier, data privacy and security regulations are other issues foreign companies worry about when outsourcing their business. However, to ensure trust to investors, the Philippine government has created data privacy policies.

The Republic Act 10173 or the Data Privacy Act of 2012 brought the Philippines’ data policies to international standards, with the provisions of 6 years imprisonment and a fine amounting between $20,000 to $100,000. Having these strict laws in place, your data will never reach the wrong hands!

Offer 24/7 Services

24/7 services

You can always have enough staff 24 hours a day, 7 times a week, once you consider outsourcing. Filipinos are flexible and can work on different schedules.

If you’re a US-based company, your Filipino team can handle customer inquiries when you’re asleep! This assures that you’re attending to your customers 24/7 without overworking employees and compromise quality.

Reaching The Peak of Your Business

There are a lot of countries offering outsourcing services today, but if you’re considering a diverse pool of talent, proficiency, and a proven record in the industry, the Philippines is the recommended destination. Investing in the outsourcing industry allows your business to reach its peak without breaking the bank.

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