How to Successfully Outsource Social Media for Your Business

Outsourcing your social media

28% of businesses use social media marketing companies for their social media efforts.

In this digital age, a strong social media presence is crucial for the growth and continuation of your business. But for many business owners who are under-skilled in social media marketing, this element of marketing can be a little bit overwhelming.

As a result, marketers, business owners, and brand managers must choose to outsource their social media management to social media marketing companies to benefit from these companies’ expertise and professional staff.

The truth is employing a social media agency is quite beneficial and below are some of these benefits:

Three Benefits of Outsourcing Your Social Media Marketing

1. Lack of time – social media channels are a dime a dozen and your customers are on most of them. Building a strong social media presence on all of them can be time-consuming for internal teams, thus it is better to hire an external agency to do it.

lack of time
2. Offers Unparalleled Expertise – One of the most prominent benefits of a social media marketing company is that they offer extraordinary expertise and are skilled in audience development, creative and technical know-how, SEO, Google advertising and analytics.

3. Lower overall costs – An in-house team is much more expensive than a social media marketing agency. In fact, the cost of an entire marketing team is $598,572 annually. The price of a social media marketing company, on the other hand, ranges from $2,500 – $12,000 a month.

low costNow that you are cognizant of the benefits of social media outsourcing, let’s discuss how to successfully outsource your social media:

1. Determine Your Needs

Before you take any action, know what goals you want to reach with your social media activities. Do you want to boost your visibility, generate leads, or differentiate yourself from competitors?
Only look for an agency when you are clear on what you want and what results you want the agency to help you achieve.

2. Ask Questions

Before you sign any agreement make sure your chosen agency is truly the right fit. The best way to find out is to ask questions such as:

  • Have you had success in my industry?
  • What’s your method of conducting research in my industry?
  • What’s your content development strategy?
  • Can you adjust a strategy mid-execution?
  • How do you measure reach? Growth? Engagement?

By asking these important questions, you can easily weed out the less suitable agencies.

3. Ask for Referrals

A recent survey showed that 43% of businesses use referrals to learn about potential agency partners. This means that your peers may know of an agency that is effective and efficient so tap into your network and ask for recommendations to save yourself time in the selection process while ensuring that you find a good fit.

4. Read Third Party Reviews

review siteThird party reviews sites offer a wealth of information on companies. Actually, 68% of consumers will leave a review detailing their experience.

It is best to read several client testimonials and reviews. It’s also important to check the company’ ranking and their prices.


If you’re new to social media marketing or have limited skills in social media marketing, then outsourcing your social media marketing can be a daunting decision.

But by doing your due diligence, you will be able to weed out the low-level social media marketing companies.

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