The 3 Primary Reasons Companies Chose to Outsource

3 primary reasons companies choose to outsource sales

Outsourcing has been customary for most growing companies and a familiar concept to many entrepreneurs. The fact is, outsourcing ( when done correctly ) is a very effective way to grow a business while decreasing overhead.

Here are 3 reasons why you should outsource your eCommerce business.

Whether you are starting out, or managing a company managing 1MM a month in sales, outsourcing gives you the ability to scale and grow without compromise.

Here are 3 ways outsourcing can help your business grow:

Cost Optimization

One of the most obvious reasons companies look to outsourcing is reduced overhead. As an organization, becoming more cost-effective is the most crucial factor to improve the balance sheet of a company.  Of course, companies want this cost-savings without reducing the quality of work. This is the primary challenge with outsourcing. How do I make my outsourced workforce more cost-effective while increasing ( or at least, maintain ) the quality of work?

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Reduce costs while increasing productivity

Stay Focused

Outsourcing (we like to call it “OnSourcing”) allows you to stay focused on your core competencies, like the strategic growth your business.  Think of the tasks that you and/or your team is doing right now. Now grab a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle, on one side put the tasks that are repetitive and can be safely managed through a process and on the other side, list tasks that require strategic thought and forward thinking. Did you notice the repetitive task list is quite long compared to the strategic? The truth is, over 70% of an employee work days spend on tasks that could be outsourced.

Outsourcing allows you and your team to stay focused on your businesses primary objective, increasing revenue.

Access to Experts

Outsourcing gives you immediate access to a variety of expertise, instantly. Once again, I invite you to look at your current team and the tasks they are doing. You may notice you’re asking some employees to stretch themselves into areas they have little or no experience in. This could be simply because your company doesn’t have the financial resources, or you’re trying to hire for these roles but not coming across any qualified candidates.

Whatever the reason, outsourcing gives you access to the cost-effective resources your company needs to grow.

When you outsource, don’t have to worry about training, recruitment, and other HR related expenses. You simply need to focus on creating the processes and procedures that allow the outsourcing company to operate effectively and efficiently.

Access to Experts, variety of expertise



Outsourcing certain business processes slash overhead, enabling enterprises to optimize revenue. Achieving cost-effective and sustainable growth is an absolute requirement for every company, regardless of its size. Nowadays, companies on a sustainable growth trajectory understand that the best way to achieve this is by accessing a global, on-demand workforce.

eCommerce companies face even more challenges, as building, maintaining and marketing online requires technical expertise not typically required by traditional “brick and mortar” type businesses.

Now more than ever, companies are looking outside their geographic “comfort zone” to grow. Don’t wait, now is the time to build the solid outsourcing foundation your company requires needs to reach its objectives and compete on a global scale.

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