10 Facts About Customer Service Every Company Needs to Know [Infographic]

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There’s only two ways you can improve the operations of your business, increase sales or decrease costs. While outsourcing is a proven way to decrease costs, but did you know that it’s proven to increase sales?

Customers are the lifeblood of any business and far too often companies become laser focused on customer acquisition while paying less attention to individuals who already have already demonstrated interest in their offerings. Every time a customer reaches out to your support team, an opportunity is created. Now days, most companies understand they need to support their customers, but what many fail to do is energize their customers by creating an overwhelmingly positive experience.

As the saying goes “it takes years to build a reputation but just moments to ruin it.” If you think about this for a moment, you’ll understand just how one bad experience can cost your company enormously in the long run.

If your company isn’t focusing on its customers, soon you won’t have any to focus on. The reality now days is customers have a voice in the success of your business and they can very quickly change the direction your company is moving in.

Here’s some facts about customer services every manager needs to know.

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